Neil was first to step on the back of the moon.
You'll be first to find out why.
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The Ultimate
Secrets of Reality
Graphic based on
Menger Sponge by
Paul Bourke


Tree of Life, branching
through time with us
as it's leaves. [Intro]


of Meaning

The Cubed IO-Sphere

Oscillating the Universe

of Number

Intro & Overview

Topology of Zero

Shape & Number

Synergetic Number
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Milo Wolff Dec 18th, '06
A Universe of Waves


Episode 1 Jan 3rd, '06
The Looking Glass Key

Episode 2 Jan 9th, '06
Floating on Nothing

Episode 3 Jan 15th, '06
Universe in Your Hands

Episode 4 Feb 2nd, '06
Cracking The Matrix

Episode 5 June 23rd, '06
Mind Over Matter

Episode 6 Dec 12th, '06
The Immortal You

Episode 7 Jan 5th, '07
Bucky Fuller &
The Hidden Nature
of Space

Episode 8 Jan 17th, '07
How Immortality works

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9 March 2019

Your body's
Mirror Plane

Brain hemispheres
are linked to
opposite sides
of the body.

This is a unified theory which integrates our knowledge into one encompassing solution.

Discover the underlying structure which
unifies mind and matter. Mind is the
compliment of matter, existing since
the universe first formed.

We live in a quantum hologram which
blends mind and matter into space-time.


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The underlying form of our universe is a mirrored,
oscillating IO-Sphere [pronounced Eye-Oh],
which turns inside-out, then outside-in.

Inside the io-sphere is mind. Outside is matter.

The inside-out oscillation of this sphere
blends mind with matter --to make space-time.

That IO-Sphere is Earth.

We exist on the mirrored skin of this IO-Sphere.

Which explains the bi-lateral symmetry of our bodies;
the bi-hemispheric structure of the brain;
and the stereoscopic nature of our vision
-as well as a host of other physical
attributes which confirm the existence
of this higher dimensional structure.

O everts to I, inverts to O, at C-cubed

Eversion produces the explicate chaos of matter.

produces the implicate order of the mind.


Key axioms which arise from the mirrored
nature of the surfaces of this hypersphere:

Mirrors turn things inside out.

A physically flat mirror is a cognitively curved surface.

All mirrors are curved surface sections of a single cognitive sphere.

The world in the mirror is a concept zone of pure forms.

Mirrors are portholes into the individual mind,

and the collective mind or Godhead.

Sun, Earth, Moon & Mind-Matter Genesis:
The Shape of Nothing >

To the right is the oscillation between mind and matter.
Your eyes and brain blend the two sides of the
body's mirror plane to make stereo vision.

Above is actual hi-speed photo of an electric discharge
between positive and negative terminals. Notice that
the mind side looks similar to brain neurons and the
matter side looks like plant fronds.
Perspectives 101


Escape The Labyrinth

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forms a convincing body of
evidence showing how the tree
of life carries us as it's leaves.
Cogent insights, unfold in a
blend of science, philosophy
and Jungian psychology.

Revealing the underlying
dreamscape which drives our
life drama thru time.

To re-create ourselves in our
image and likeness, we reflect
thru mirrors in mind
and in matter.

           Cartesian Theatre             Omniconnected Mind

Emergence from the Mirror Plane

L I S T E N    T O :

" Traditional scientific
method has always
been at the very best,
20 -- 20 hindsight.

" It's good for seeing
where you've been.
It's good for testing
the truth of what you
think you know, but
it.. can't tell you
where you ought
to go."

" The solutions all are
simple -- after you have
arrived at them. But
they're simple only
when you know
already what
they are."

" The truth knocks on
the door and you say,
go away, I'm looking
for the truth, and
it goes away.


Robert M. Pirsig,
Zen and the Art of
Motorcyvle Maintenance

" Space is big.
You just won't believe
how vastly, hugely,
mind-bogglingly big it is.

" I mean, you may think
it's a long way down
the road to the drugstore,
but that's just peanuts
to space.

Douglas Adams,
The Hitchhiker's Guide
to the Galaxy

Top graphic based on Menger Sponge by Paul Bourke. Copyright applies. Use only with permission.

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