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forms a convincing body of
evidence showing how the tree
of life carries us as it's leaves.
Cogent insights, unfold in a
blend of science, philosophy
and Jungian psychology.

Revealing the underlying
dreamscape which drives our
life drama thru time.

To re-create ourselves in our
image and likeness, we reflect
thru mirrors in mind
and in matter.

           Cartesian Theatre             Omniconnected Mind

Emergence from the Mirror Plane

" Traditional scientific method
has always been at the very
best, 20 -- 20 hindsight.

" It's good for seeing where
you've been. It's good for testing
the truth of what you think you
know, but it.. can't tell you
where you ought to go."

" The solutions all are simple
-- after you have arrived at them.
But they're simple only when
you know already what they are."

" The truth knocks on the door
and you say, go away, I'm looking
for the truth, and it goes away.


Robert M. Pirsig,
Zen and the Art of
Motorcyvle Maintenance

" Space is big.
You just won't believe how vastly,
hugely, mind-bogglingly big it is.

" I mean, you may think it's a long
way down the road to the
drugstore, but that's just
peanuts to space.

Douglas Adams,
The Hitchhiker's Guide
to the Galaxy

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The body's Mirror Plane

Brain hemispheres are linked
to opposite sides of the body,
so reverse the labels to see
To the right is an illustration of the super hi-speed oscillation between
mind and matter - between observer and observed. This is the same
system used by your eyes and brain to unite the two sides of the body's
mirror plane and make stereo vision. You can try closing your left
and right eyes in time with the graphic to get a feel for this.

Above is actual hi-speed photo of an electric discharge
between positive and negative terminals. Notice that
the mind side looks similar to brain neurons and the
matter side looks like plant fronds.
Perspectives 101