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forms a convincing body of
evidence showing how the tree
of life carries us as it's leaves.
Cogent insights, unfold in a
blend of science, philosophy
and Jungian psychology.

Revealing the underlying
dreamscape which drives our
life drama thru time.

To re-create ourselves in our
image and likeness, we reflect
thru mirrors in mind
and in matter.

Fuller's Vector Equilibrium. 12 spheres around a single central sphere.
As the spheres shrink, the edges and radii are of equal length. >

"Man's conquest over his own
ignorance must rest on intuition.

“The intellect has little to do
on the road to discovery.

"There comes a leap in
consciousness, call it intuition
or what you will, the solution
comes to you and you don't
know how or why.”

- Albert Einstein

Audio: Quantum Mirror II
Climbing the Family Tree >

Nested Platonic Solids